The Anita Gown
The Anita Gown
The Anita Gown
The Anita Gown
The Anita Gown
The Anita Gown

The Anita Gown

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Channeling the comforts of home, our 100% cotton Anita gown has a tranquil floral and damask pattern of fuchsia, teal, orange, and yellows, with a fuchsia grosgrain ribbon trim. While the standard hospital issued gowns snap or tie down the middle of your back, leaving the back exposed, our gowns have an overlapping panel that ties at the hip, providing full coverage. Each sleeve unsnaps at the shoulders to comply with hospital standards. The Anita gown will add a soothing yet chic touch to anyone's hospital stay.

*Telemetry Heart Monitor Pocket customization requires an additional 3-5 days to process and ship your order. 

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Sizing Guidelines

Regular Sizing
Pregnancy Sizing
(use your pre-preg size)
XS - size 0-6 XS - size 0-2
S - size 8-10 S - size 4-6
M - size 12-14 M - size 8-10
L - size 16-18 L - size 12-14
XL - size 1x-2x XL - size 16-18
2XL - size 3x 2XL - size 1x-2x

Customer Reviews

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"I just want to take a moment and thank you again for your wonderful gowns. I've used them in 4 hospital stays, and they have helped to brighten my days as an inpatient. It's great to know that everything is tastefully covered and that I'll have something bright and pretty on when visitors stop by!"


"I have given Annie & Isabel gowns to a bunch of my friends as gifts, and was thrilled when it was my turn to receive and wear one! It was comfortable, cute, and functional. I gave birth to Charlotte in Switzerland and I was definitely the most stylish new mom during my 5 day hospital stay. (Yes, 5 days…that's Europe for you!)"


Annie & Isabel

The Story Behind the Gowns

All of our gowns are named after people who have inspired us. The name “Annie & Isabel” honors our great-grandmother, Annie, and our grandmother, Isabel. We are so proud to introduce our gowns and tell you the stories of the amazing men and women who influenced our lives.


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