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Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown Sizing Guidelines

Regular           Sizing              

Pregnancy Sizing {use your pre-preg size}

XS - size 0-6

S - size 8-10

M - size 12-14

L - size 16-18

XL - size 1x-2x

2XL - size 3x

XS - size 0-2

S - size 4-6

M - size 8-10

L - size 12-14

XL - size 16-18

2XL - size 1x-2x

At Annie & Isabel hospital gowns, we strive to give you your own perfectly sized hospital gown. We have 6 sizes to choose from ranging from XS-2XL. We have two sizing guidelines based on what you are buying or for whom.

We have a maternity size guideline and a normal size guideline. The only time we suggest moving up in size is if you feel you carry weight in your arms and chest. 

Our gowns are shaped generously around the body in both sizing guidelines. If you have any questions, we would love to talk you through the sizing choices via phone or email - wecare@annieandisabel.com

If you've ever worn the standard issued hospital gown, you know that it is NEVER one size fits all. The standard hospital gowns may be  too small...big....short....drafty... and if you are really lucky, you'll find old EKG stickers and tape from the last patient stuck to it (yes... it's common).

As nurses, take it from us, just walking down the halls with a hospital issue gown requires two gowns; one for the front and one for the back! 




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