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Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns Are Great For...

 People in Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Facilities

There are many reasons why having your own hospital gown makes sense. There are even more reasons why having an Annie & Isabel hospital gown is the best choice.

Rehabilitation uses:

  • When someone suffers from a major illness, stroke or major orthopedic surgeries, they often end up in a rehabilitation facility.
  • Annie & Isabel hospital gowns can provide great comfort and dignity during these stays.
  • Strokes and orthopedic surgeries often result in limited mobility issues, making it hard to wear normal clothing.
  • It is easy to change in and out of an Annie & Isabel hospital gown.

Skilled Nursing Facility Uses:

  • When the elderly can no longer take care of themselves independently, they often end up in skilled nursing facilities.
  • Many also become wheelchair or bed bound. 
  • Annie & Isabel hospital gowns can help the elderly feel “dressed” and makes the changing of clothing much easier.

Gift yourself, a friend or a family member with a comfortable and gorgeous hospital gown. Our gowns will help get them through their rehabilitation with grace and dignity.

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