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Hospital Stay Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns for Hospital Stays

Read what some of our wonderful short-term and long-term hospital stay customers have said about wearing their very own Annie & Isabel hospital gown.



"A day after surgery, and I must say...looking good really helped me feel good. This gown lifted my spirits after undergoing a six hour stomach surgery. Thanks Annie & Isabel"















Kristin is a 17 year old high school senior who suffered a cardiac arrest while teaching swim lessons. She lived against all odds due to the heroics of the people who were with her when she collapsed and the medical staff who treated her. She was the recipient of an Annie & Isabel gown for her long recovery in the hospital. Below is what her mother had to say about her experience wearing the Anita gown.

"The gown was a gift from one of my daughter's good friends who has cancer. I took it home and washed it
and when I brought it back to the hospital, she immediately wanted to wear it. It smelled like home, and the fabric was so soft...she just loved it. All the nurses commented how "cute" her gown was and how it made her feel good...at 17 loving a hospital gown is a pretty special order. When we had to go back for a second surgery that was top on her list for me to bring down to her! What a great gift to give! Thanks for making her feel so much more comfortable and beautiful!"

To learn more about Kristin's remarkable story, click here.




Katie is a fourteen year old who enjoys competitive swimming, snow skiing, water skiing, and other outdoor sports.  Her pediatrician's office recently placed a greater emphasis on cardiac health in athletic children. Katie's pediatrician referred her for an ultrasound due to a murmur that she'd had since birth, even though doctors had repeatedly concluded that this murmur was "innocent". No one expected the ultrasound to show that Katie's heart was greatly enlarged.  After an MRI, doctors confirmed that Katie had a Sinus Venosus Atrial Septal Defect, a hole between the two top chambers of her heart that also affected the right upper pulmonary vein. Given Katie's athleticism and lack of symptoms, this diagnosis came as a great shock!  Within a month, Katie was admitted to Children's Hospital Oakland for open heart surgery under the superior care of Dr. Howard Rosenfeld, her cardiologist, and Dr. Frank Hanley, her surgeon.

We received an order from Katie's Aunt Jenny about the upcoming heart surgery for her brave niece. We added a telemetry heart pocket because Katie would spend her post-op time in the ICU and would definitely be on heart monitors during her upcoming hospital stay. Katie LOVED her gown! When she sent us these photographs with her nurse Claudette and her cardiologist, we could see the cheer her "Evelyn" hospital gown brought to her first day in the ICU!

Here is what Katie shared about her gown-

"This gown made my day so much brighter! My aunt gave me a second gown because I felt so good wearing the first one!  I had so much fun showing it off to all the nurses.  I felt "dressed" in the gown, which made me feel less like a patient and more like a person.  I love my hospital gowns!" 




"I was so happy to have three Annie & Isabel gowns for my surgery and complications with additional hospitalizations. I liked that you only have to wear ONE gown and it covers all of me. All the nurses wanted to know where I got my gowns. They smelled good and were very comfy. It is ususally cold walking the halls with a regular hospital gown, but not with my Annie & Isabel gowns that wrap all the way around"

anita-ruth.jpg evelyn-ruth.jpgsusan-ruth.jpg 



Claudette, RN, BSN

"I am currently an RN at Children's Hospital Oakland. I have been a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Nurse for over 8 years now. There are so many reasons I love my job, but one of the great joys is being able to bring to the families and our patients, the most brave kids you will ever meet, some normalcy during their stay in the ICU. With this brings my story of Katie. Katie had a whirlwind first hand experience as a pediatric heart patient. She was diagnosed and underwent her surgery in such a short time frame. I had the pleasure of helping care for Katie her first day post-op. It was then we encouraged Katie to take a bath, braid her hair and get out of that stale hospital gown from surgery and get into her new and improved gown from Annie and Isabel! After the bath, hair braided and gown in place, I was taken aback on how Katie was actually glowing! She was able to get up and out of the bed and into the chair! We were all so excited to see her with so much strength and in such a great mood so soon after this intense surgery. Katie looked at me and said how much getting up and out of bed, and wearing something that she loved made her feel just that little bit better (this girl was smiling ear to ear). It truly made my heart smile.Thank you Annie and Isabel for bringing a little bit of sunshine to maybe just another day in the ICU."



Sharon K.

"I am so happy that my friend told me about “Annie & Isabel Hospital Gowns” and that I ordered one before having knee replacement surgery recently.  As soon as I looked online, I knew I’d love your gowns – and I did! I was especially pleased to learn that they were developed by former nurses who knew what patients need to feel comfortable and adequately covered. While at the hospital, I was delighted that I could walk down the hall to rehab, and not worry about rear-end “exposure”.  I also loved the feel of the fabric, and that my gown had pockets. Therapy is tough, and you never know when you’ll need a tissue to wipe a stray tear. The lovely pattern of my gown (I chose the Isabel) was perfect for a mature woman, and the compliments I received from guests and hospital staff certainly made me feel special.  The only down-side of the gown was that it was so cute that it almost made me excited about going to the hospital – almost, but not quite."



"I am in receipt of the two hospital gowns I purchased for my wife.  They are great.  The care center she is in provides, (standard), gowns for nightly use. On bath mornings, for convenience, they use a fresh gown with a couple of small throws I have provided, as dress for breakfast. I was looking for something "more stylish" for these occasions, and indeed found it with your product. I had originally brought a "heavy" terry cloth robe from a nice hotel years ago. As her Parkinson's has progressed and caused her body to be rigid that she is no longer able to stand, sit (except in a wheel chair), making it very difficult for the aids to put the robe on with her arms in the sleeves. I must tell you, the aids compliment me on how nice the gowns are. They are very easy to care for, just wash/dry and put on a hanger. I have decided I am going to your site and ordering one of each size in various colors. Not for Suzanne, but for friends and family who I normally send flowers, I will now give them a gown for after a surgery or whatever. These will look much better up and down the hall. The gowns are great and I will let all know of your product! A happy customer!"





Julie was one of our nominated Feel Better Campaign recipients in 2012. She survived a majoy head on car accident and has spent over a year in and out of the hospital. She is an amazing woman!! To read her story - click here
"The middle picture is with my niece. Her and my two nephews brought many laughs and kept me smiling during my long recovery. My brother, their dad and his wife, flew over from where they live in Scotland to help with taking care of me. Since I was bed bound for so long we needed the muscles! The other picture is the day after my last surgery just a few weeks ago. I am holding up all the metal that was removed from my arm! I couldn't bend or straighten it due to all the metal that was in it, and they even had to leave some in! I have thoroughly enjoyed your gowns! it always helps to brighten things up while in the hospital! Much better than the hideous hospital gowns!!!"




Anna was in the hospital for heart surgery.  Her daughter purchased her three hospital gowns and we were able to add a telemetry, or heart monitor, pocket to her designer hospital gown so that she could wear her hospital gowns throughout her hospitalization since she required constant heart monitoring. We are able to customize hospital gowns for this purpose if necessary.  Please contact us for more information on customization options.

Here is a nice testimonial from Anna:

Your gowns are wonderful!  I wore a different one each day and the doctors and nurses would come in just to see what I was wearing!  Wearing such pretty gowns gave me a brighter outlook."



"I can't remember a time when my year didn't include a hospital stay. Sometimes I only have to stay for a couple of days and other times for a week. The doctors and nurses are wonderful to me and always try to make me feel a little bit normal during my visits. One of the worst things about the hospital are the horrible hospital gowns that I have to wear sometimes. They never cover enough, they are usually old and somewhat see through. Our friend, Carrie Johnson, got me two Annie & Isabel gowns before a planned surgery and I wore them everyday.I love my Annie & Isabel hospital gowns. I have been in the hospital three times this year alone and because of all the tubes it has been difficult to wear regular P.J.'s. My Annie & Isabel gowns don't look like regular hospital gowns because of the cute fabric but they function really well with IV's and different tubes and they tie so well that I feel covered when walking around. They wear so comfortable that they gave me a little piece of home while trying to recover. One of my favorite things about your gowns is the fabric. There are several different patterns to choose from and each of my gowns have a lady bug on the sleeve. My favorite color is the pink with black polka dots. I would recommend these gowns to anyone but especially teenagers because they are comfortable and cute!"

To read more about Emily's story, click here.


The Support of Sisters

We received this great testimonial about how an Annie & Isabel gown can be an "encouraging and hopeful" for a loved one, or sister in this case, struggling with an illness.Here is what this beautiful recipient said about her Annie gown,

"Being a patient for the not good reasons, (I saw a lot of your testimonials were from women who had just given birth), the hospital can be a depressing and sterile place. The hospital gowns have been worn by loads of patients before you and there doesn't seem to be anything kind about them or your hospital room, or the hospital food, and the lack of comfort and privacy. So to have a specially made gown with positive meaning attached to it, this helps to feel a little better about the way you look and feel; not to mention the gown itself is cute and comfortable. It also brings comfort from those who love you, and this alone can do wonders for the spirit!"




Gen McNulty has a popular blog chronicling her life with her beautiful quadruplets. She recently had to have surgery after many years of suffering from endometriosis. She was gifted an Annie & Isabel gown and did a post about it. Click HERE to read about her testimonial in her Anita gown.




"To the designers of Annie & Isabel hospital gowns... my compliments. The style and beautiful colors are so cheerful. They made my stay in the hospital pleasant. The hospital staff at St. Agnes always made comments about the gown... "where did you get that gown?... it's so pretty!" Thank You!" 



The gowns that I ordered were for my 57 year old aunt who was suppose to have an intentional blockage, but turned out to be bladder cancer that had returned. It was my aunts request to try to make her a gown that would cover up her backside. I tried and then googled and found you. I received the gowns and was able to put her in one and clean her up so that her 19 year old daughter could see her mother looking more like herself. None of us knew that she would leave us just a few hours later. I want to thank you for making such pretty gowns. I have the blue gown that she was wearing and plan to use it in a quilt for her daughter when she gets married. I wish hospitals would carry your gowns in their gift stores. I passed on the information to the hospital that my aunt was at. 

"Had surgery yesterday.. in SO much pain... but wearing this hospital gown from Annie & Isabel makes me feel just that much better! So here's my pic in it..but remember I just had sugery yesterday and dont feel or look so good... lol"




"Customer service was amazing!! I was so touched by your kindness and your fast response. I received my gown quickly and it surpassed my expectations. My Annie and Isabel gown is beautiful, and it really lifted my spirits when I got to put it on after my surgery! My nurses LOVED the gown and said they noticed a spring to my step and lift in my energy when I put it on. I felt better when I LOOKED BETTER! =D Thank you so much! My friend will be having surgery soon, and I will be getting her a gown! In addition, it looks like there are more abdominal surgeries in my future, so I will have my cute gown to help me thru each time...Thank you for your advice, prayers, excellent customer service, and kindness!"