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Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns for Hospice Patients



We lost my mother in law Arlene much too soon. She was the most amazing grandmother to my two boys, ages 5 and 3, especially because she was a Kindergarden teacher for almost 30 years! When she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, we all thought she would beat it with her amazing outlook on life and strength. Her moto in life was "keep in simple" and nothing really brought her down. She lived one year from diagnosis and up until the last few weeks, lived like she was going to be with us for a long time. The cancer, chemo, and radation didn't slow her down. She had retired right before her diagnosis, but still taught art class weekly because she loved those kids. I am one of the owners of Annie & Isabel and she loved our business. She told everyone she knew about us. She picked out the Susan zebra gown for her surgeries and radation. She loved it because all the medical staff at the radiation center called her Lady Gaga with her stylish gown! In December of 2011, it became obvious that she was not going to beat this. We all moved in with her and my father in law and cared for her. She became bedbound in her last weeks and wore our Annie & Isabel hospital gowns exclusively. It was surreal to see how much comfort and functionality our gowns had. When the hospice nurse came to visit, she got tears in her eyes because Arlene looked so beautiful in her Anita gown. She told me most people are in diapers and cut oversized T-shirts. I felt angry that she needed them, but happy that I could provide comfort to her. I remembered my own Grandmother Isabel, the namesake of our company, who also died at home and how we had to cut the back of all her nightgowns, so she could stay clean and we could change her easily. My little boys picked out grandma's gowns every day and had fun doing it. She rested in her Susan gown, her favorite, with pictures of her beloved grandsons by her side, who she referred to as her "mama loves".


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"Thank you so much for sending the gowns so quickly. They arrived on Saturday morning and we immediately changed mom into one. Although she just passed away around midnight that same day, the gown we did put on her brought comfort to more than my mom during the time of her final hours in hospice. We were pleased seeing her in such a nice hospital gown and knew that she would appreciate the spiffy detailing and the fact that they matched her slippers. Thank you so much for helping us. You will be glad to know that one went with her to the funeral home and the other spare that I opened will be given to the hospice staff, so they have an extra small gown to use for any other petite patients."



"Thank you for expediting the gown to one of my favorite cousins Valerie who is her final stage of hospice. She said it's beautiful and that it was sent right before it's needed. She passed away today and she was wearing her gown. Her family members wanted me to know that she looked absolutely beautiful wearing it instead of being in a "worn out Stanford gown". They found comfort in the idea that she left their home dressed beautifully and with dignity. Thank you for your gowns." 



"The gowns that I ordered were for my 57 year old aunt who was suppose to have an intentional blockage. It turned out to be bladder cancer that had returned. I received the gowns the day before and was able to put her in one and clean her up so that her 19 year old daughter could see her mother looking more like herself. None of us knew that she would leave us just a few hours later. I want to thank you for making such a pretty gown. I have the blue gown that she was wearing and plan to use it in a quilt for her daughter when she gets married. It was my aunts request to try to make her a gown that would cover up her backside. I tried and googled and found you. I wish hospitals would carry your gowns in their gift stores. I passed on the information to the hospital that my aunt was at." 



"Thanks for getting the gown to me so quickly. My friend died yesterday wearing her new gown. She had worn it one other day and kept patting it and looking at it. It was a lovely gift. Thanks for the extra attention in getting it here."



"My mom passed away on Thursday. We bathed and perfumed her 20 minutes before her death. She smelled and looked beautiful and at peace in her Isabel gown. She was a very strong woman who taught me how to live and also taught me how to die with strong faith in Jesus. I was grateful for your gowns at the end of her life. We will save them for her granddaughters to use when they deliver babies in hospital."