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logo of the Feel Better CampaignThe Feel Better Campaign

Annie & Isabel is donating designer hospital gowns to recipients of The "Feel Better Campaign" all over the United States and hopefully one day all over the world. YOU can help make a difference in someone's life by nominating a deserving woman today!

Since Annie & Isabel took off in 2010, they have received and continually receive letters and emails from women explaining the impact their Annie & Isabel designer hospital gowns made on their hospital stays and recoveries. Anna and Selena often find themselves wanting to give their hospital gowns away to deserving women they encounter at work, via blogs, on twitter, and Facebook, who often can't afford to buy a gown with all the other expenses that come along with being ill. That is when it was decided that Annie & Isabel would donate a set number of their designer hospital gowns annually to people in need.

Being in the business of helping women feel better during a difficult time, Anna and Selena have been so moved by all the amazing stories of women who show such great strength in the face of adversity. The "Feel Better Campaign" is a platform to share stories of these inspirational women and offer support to them. Annie & Isabel hopes to form a community that will wrap their arms around the recipients of the "Feel Better Campaign" and provide support to them all the way to recovery and beyond!

Annie & Isabel is accepting nominations and would love to hear from you if you have a loved one that is in need. Click HERE to nominate. 

We would love for you to read the stories of the Annie & Isabel "warriors", who are the recipients of Annie & Isabel hospital gowns from the "Feel Better Campaign".