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Cancer & Breast Cancer Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns for Cancer Patients

Read what some of our courageous customers have said about wearing their very own Annie & Isabel hospital gown.



Wearing my Susan gown was the only thing that I looked forward to when I had to have surgery for cancer. The first morning after surgery, as I got out of bed for the first time and didn't feel so great, I asked my daughter to help me put it on and I immediately looked and felt better. It covered me as I walked down the halls and brought a smile to everyone around me.

After my hospital stay I received 25 radiation treatments over 5 weeks and I wore my Susan gown to every single appointment!! I loved taking my own clothing to wear and felt dignified and stylish too. I would recommend an Annie & Isabel gown to anyone who has to spend unwanted time in the hospital. It really brightened up my not so pleasant experience in the hospital and during my radiation therapy.

~Arlene, California




Thanks so much for sending out the gown to my friend's mom. She was choked up and so happy to receive it. She is on her second round of chemo and is already showing signs of recovering, so we are all excited about that. The gown is lovely and really brightened her day! You have a great product and I'm hoping to buy more in the future for hopefully more happy circumstances.

~Vanessa, California




"Many, Many Thanks for the rush order on your fabulous gown. As you know my best friend Pietra is fighting non-smoker lung cancer.

When I handed her the Annie gown, the look in her eyes blew me away. It was as if "I handed her a RAINBOW". I told her you washed it so we took her old hospital gown off and she put yours on. It was so soft and cozy, she loved it!

It not only brightened her spirits, but mine as well. Now my Peetie can fight her cancer in style... Please keep her in your prayers... Many thanks!!!"


To read more about Pieta's story, click here.







Lauren is an inspirational teenager who has beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma!

laurenhospitalstaytestimonial.jpgThroughout her battle, Lauren wore an Annie and Isabel gown at times and in this last picture Lauren wears her gown on a hospital visit that marked the official end of her chemotherapy infusions.

She is preparing here for the removal of the line that provided access for these infusions. Her mother, Dawn, jotted down her reflections on having a personal hospital gown,

"Lauren sported her Annie & Isabel gown for the "big day" which stirred up a lot of talk among the nurses and surgeon.


I joked that the gown got more attention than Lauren. I tried to capture all the comments while I reflected on how much hospital gowns seem to irritate the medical staff. Funny, this whole time I thought it was just the patients who disliked the scratchy, drab green, see-through-thin, and stained hospital attire.

Some of the comments I did manage to capture were 'Wow, so soft.' , 'Ties that stay tied.' , 'It snaps on top, brilliant.', 'A pocket, how perfect.' , 'What a great gift.', and my personal favorite........'These gals are really smart!' As a parent I loved the gown because you know it's clean, soft and its appearance brightens a very difficult time. Not to mention the patient feels so special!"

Click here to read Lauren's story





Alexxa ~ A Breast Cancer Survivors Experience


A close friend and breast cancer survivor purchased The Elizabeth gown for Alexxa as she embarked on her hospital journey.

Here is what Alexxa had to say about wearing her designer hospital gown:
"I am a proud mommy to three girls, ages 9, 7 and 4....so naturally, we have a lot of pink around the house. I did not realize how much the color "pink" would impact my life until this past June, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. From date of diagnosis to surgery was 13 days!

Before I underwent a double mastectomy a dear friend, and fellow breast cancer survivor, gave me one of Annie & Isabel's hospital gowns...The Elizabeth, which was fitting in honor of their Grandmother and her battle with breast cancer.

I cannot tell you how much hope and faith this gown brought me, on a day otherwise to be considered frightening. My mother told me I was barely out of surgery, still quite groggy from the medications, and I had her help me change out of the standard issue hospital gown into my beautiful Elizabeth Gown for the remainder of my stay.
I am proud to say that I am cancer free today. I am still in the midst of chemo-therapy with radiation on the horizon (which my Elizabeth Gown will accompany me to as well).

All of this preventative treatment will give me the best possible odds to rid this horrible disease of ever impacting my life again.

As a side note, Anna is a close friend to our family, her love and support...and checking in on me, is a bonus I am fortunate to receive."

If you want to learn more about Alexxa's inspiring story you can follow her on her blog at www.alexxafaithorfear.blogspot.com




We received a beautiful testimonial from Anne that we feel honored to share with you.

In the pictures below, Anne is getting ready to celebrate the birth of her 3rd son. She looks radiant in her Anita designer hospital gown and you can see the joy and excitement in her face as she anticipates the arrival of another blessing to her family. You would never know by the picture below that Anne had been diagnosed with breast cancer just two weeks prior to this day.















We found out about Anne through friends who wanted to buy her some Annie & Isabel hospital gowns for the birth of her son and for her upcoming breast cancer surgery.

Anne was given four Annie & Isabel hospital gowns by different people which we knew was a true testament to the type of person Anne is. We were so touched to read an excerpt from a blog that Anne's husband started in order to keep family and friends updated on her progress. Here is what he wrote:

"As you know, my beautiful wife and best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer on Friday 11/12/10. We were shocked to hear this unfortunate news. After we had time to process the facts, one of the things we quickly realized was how much love and support there was around us. I am at a loss for words. I do not quite know how to thank all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers, messages and gestures. You have truly touched both of our hearts. Anne is an amazing person as many of you know. This fact is evidenced in part by the wonderful friends and family who surround her. Thanks again to all for their continued support and a special thank you to our families for all the love and assistance they have given already."

"To my wife: 
You are such a unique and extraordinary individual, mother, wife and friend. To know you is truly to love you. You are the bright light in our family and you make me and the boys happier than I can articulate. I love you to pieces and will always be here for you no matter what comes our way. Stay strong and I know you will prevail."

Prevail she has. Anne had her first surgery to remove the breast cancer only 4 days after giving birth to her son. You can tell she was ready to fight in her sassy "Susan" hospital gown!!

She had a second and final surgery for her breast cancer and sported the "Elizabeth" hospital gown.

Here is what Anne said about wearing her Annie & Isabel hospital gowns:

"I want to sincerely thank you again for your gorgeous gowns. I have to tell you, when I was pregnant with my third son, I was hoping to get one after seeing the beautiful photos that Brenda Bisharat took of glowing mommies. I got my wish and then some. I was gifted two gowns at my baby shower. I felt so special as everyone at the shower admired their beauty. I wore the Anita at the birth of my third son Markos. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to feel so pretty in my designer gown because days later I knew I would be facing my greatest challenge."

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old, 8 months pregnant, with my son. My doctor induced me at 36 weeks pregnant and four days later I was back in the hospital getting a mastectomy. After my diagnosis, my sister Audrey gave me the Susan gown and I also got the Elizabeth (breast cancer gown) from some dear friends. I wore the Susan gown for my mastectomy because I wanted to feel sassy and put up a good fight! It put a smile on my doctors face and after seeing it he got me a stuffed dog with similar print to carry so I would remember to not lift or use that arm. After that surgery, I found out that the cancer did not spread and I can happily call myself a survivor!"

"Last but not least, I wore the Elizabeth gown in February for my last surgery. I had so many compliments from nurses and doctors. My doctors first response was how nice the gown was but then he was even more impressed when he realized how easy it was to access my bandages. It was so comfortable and I felt "safe" to walk the halls knowing I wasn't going to give anyone a peep show."

In addition to taking care of herself, being a wife and loving on her three boys, Anne started a wonderful blog called "Livin the Green"   and, in her words, this blog is about "cleaning out the old self to become a healthier, wiser, greener, and more organic person." If you want to follow along in this journey and change your old ways too then you should follow along!!

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