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Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns Are Great For...

Pregnancy & Delivery

Gift yourself, a friend, or family member a comfortable and gorgeous hospital gown to help the new mommy in your life feel beautiful during this precious time.

There are many reasons why having your own hospital gown makes sense. There are even more reasons why having an Annie & Isabel hospital gown is the best choice.


  • Created by registered nurses, Annie & Isabel hospital gowns are designed to be fashionable, comfortable, cover the backside and still comply with hospital standards.
  • With 6 sizes to choose from, our gowns stand apart from the "one size fits all" standard issue hospital gown
  • Each hospital gown provides snaps on each shoulder for easy access to breastfeed and access for medical equipment such as IV’s.
  • Shoulder snaps make it easy to enjoy skin to skin contact with your newborn while still remaining covered up.
  • The back of the gown provides a snap and a tie  at the back of the neck to ensure the gown stays closed. (standard gowns only have a tie in the back)
  • There is a fashionable pleat in the front
  • The designer hospital gown includes an inside pocket on the left side that can be used for lip gloss, cell phones and other important essentials.
  • Our gowns are the only hospital gowns designed with extra fabric in the back in order to provide complete coverage.  The gowns wrap around the back and tie on the side so your backside will never hang out!
  • The extra coverage in the back makes it unnecessary to wear a second hospital gown on your back or a robe.  You can feel comfortable and keep your dignity in an Annie & Isabel hospital gown!
  • They are made from 100% high quality cotton fabric
  • Our hospital gowns are longer in length than the standard hospital gown which provides more comfort and security.
  • These gowns make unique and wonderful baby shower gifts.  We guarantee they will be the talk of the baby shower.  The mother-to-be will also be the talk of the OB floor!!
  • Annie & Isabel hospital gowns are the perfect backdrop to those treasured first family pictures.



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