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Annie & Isabel's Feel Better Campaign 2010 Recipients


You'll be touched by the story behind each of our 2010 Feel Better Campaign recipients. We're touched that we could make a small difference and be connected to these amazing people.


2010 Recipients:


noellefamily2.jpgThis is Noelle. She is a wife, mother of two beautiful children, cancer survivor, and we are proud to call her our friend.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer just as our company was launched. We asked Noelle, as a friend and future survivor, to be the first woman to wear our Elizabeth designer hospital gown and beat cancer in style!

On May 13th, 2010 she underwent lifesaving surgery to rid her body of breast cancer with family and friends by her side.

noelleingown2-jpg.jpgWe are happy to say, over one year later, she is cancer free and LOVED having our hospital gowns during her recovery.

She wore them in the hospital after surgery, but that was just the beginning. She wore them at home because it was difficult to lift her sore arms after surgery and care for her surgical drains. She then went on to wear them to EVERY radiation treatment and "felt like a person not a patient".

She is an inspiration to all those around her and always has a smile on her face.




laurenhospitalstaytestimonial.jpgThis is Lauren. On April 15th, 2010, at the age of 17, Lauren was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


Lauren is athletic, intelligent, beautiful and a motivated young woman who, at the time of diagnosis, was approaching her senior year of high school with a promising soccer career when she received this devastating news.


It put her soccer dreams on hold and, while it made her senior year a lot more challenging and difficult, she persevered and beat cancer like a warrior.  In her college application essay, reflecting on her cancer ordeal, Lauren stated, "This summer I lost my social life, hair and spot on the team - but I gained so much more."


As one of our Feel Better Campaign recipients, Lauren sported our "Isabel" hospital gown throughout her cancer treaments and we couldn't have been prouder of her during this time.


We are happy to report that Lauren has now graduated from high school and has recenlty left for college with the intent to become a registered nurse!  You can read our blog post about her story here:

A Heartwarming Story for the Holidays...A Teenage Star Soccer Player Beats her Toughest Opponent....Hodgkin's Lymphoma



bethpeterselizabeth.jpgThis is Beth, also know as Cystic Gal through her popular blog chronicling life living with cystic fibrosis.


Born in 1980, Beth had been able to maintain a fairly normal life, even though she continued to lose lung capacity each year. In 2005 she began suffering severe complications from the cystic fibrosis. 


Beth was able to stay out of the hospital for the most part until August of 2009 when her lung capacity dipped below 30%  and she got sick more frequently.  It was at this time that her team of doctors decided Beth needed to be placed on the lung transplant list. 


We "met" Beth through twitter when she was waiting for a lung transplant. She had contacted us telling us how much she loved our gowns and dreaded wearing the standard gown on her frequent admissions to the hospital.


bethpetersannie.jpgOn July 27th, 2010 we saw a tweet via her family that Beth had been called as the primary recipient for a lung transplant. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to pick Beth for our Feel Better Campaign. Beth's sister, Theresa, picked out the "Elizabeth" gown since that was her name and the "Annie" gown.


We loved that she chose the "Annie" designer hospital gown because she saw that it was named after our great-grandmother who lived to be 98 years old and Theresa hoped for a long life for her sister. Beth received both of these gowns and recovered in style after her transplant!!


We are happy to report that Beth continues to do well and she is living her dream of being a theater artist, educator, and author. She wrote a lovely blog post about her experience wearing her Annie & Isabel Gowns here: